Across time and space, a trio are haunted by ghosts of themselves as a string of inexplicable disappearances looms over their past and future.

Vincent Sutherland, a disenchanted trans man from 1889 finds community in his childhood neighbourhood after a forced asylum stay. When his father dies, Vincent returns to the site of his own recurring death in hopes of finally addressing the cruelties that haunt him. The suburbs of London's West End are home to more than just familial ghosts however, and Vincent soon uncovers stranger terrors.

In 202X, archivist Naledi Bachman reaches across time in search of others who have memories that don't belong to them. Her search brings her to Vincent and the work of Dr. Eboni Harding, a scientist who fears the doubles they see of themself mean something is irreparably wrong with their experiences of memory and time.

Alongside their collective ghosts, the trio must build a brighter future.

The supernatural meets the futuristic in an exploration of loss, memory and absence from 1889 to the 21st century. Stay tuned for glitches in space-time and giant parasitic worms.

The comic updates every Wednesday, as I'm able.
Every Time I Die, I Wake Up Here is a horror comic intended for mature readers. It contains death, unreality, missing persons, violence, insects and body horror. There are mentions of suicide, involuntary hospitalisation and cheating. Please read at your own discretion and stay safe!
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